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Client Confidence


We think we're great!  Of course we do, so don't take our word for it!  Below are some testimonials our clients have shared and are happy for use to publish.

Carrie Wright

When I was diagnosed with damage in my wrist plus the start of Dupuytren’s Contracture and was told I would not be able to play tennis again, I was devastated.  Paul immediately offered help and sourced an extremely light racquet and comfort strings to get me back on court.
I can now play 3 times a week with no pain! I can’t thank Paul enough. So much for medical advice. Always trust Paul Espie to come up with workable solutions.


I've been properly involved with tennis for over a decade.  I recently fell under the tutelage of Paul Espie, at Al Habtoor Tennis Academy.  Paul's focused eye and superior knowledge very quickly picked up that my follow through was tight and my body was over compensating for the fact my racket was strung incorrectly for my level / play style.  This manifested into painful tennis elbow which due to Paul's care and advice meant changing my string setup and string tension.  I've since been playing pain free now for over two months... Thank you Paul.

Dr Ziad Azzam, Education Consultant, and tennis enthusiast.

Although I’ve always enjoyed watching tennis and following tennis news, I never really picked up a racket with the serious intent of learning the game until I was well in my 40s. And although I’ve never been coached by Paul, he has been a constant presence in my tennis world over the past 7 or 8 years, as a friend and advisor. I don’t think I have bought a racket without first consulting him, and if I have I was certainly told off by him afterwards. And I wouldn’t dream of allowing anyone other than Paul to string any of my rackets. His knowledge, his skill and his intuition of what works best for every type of player is faultless, and in my opinion unmatched; certainly in Dubai. Thanks Paul; you’re a real credit to the profession. 

Craig Anderson, Credit Suisse, Managing Director

I have been playing tennis for nearly 50 years. A couple of years ago, I began suffering from tennis elbow; luckily I was playing regularly with Paul and he was able to spot the problem: my racquet, my strings and some imperfect technique. He immediately dealt with the first two, advising me on racquet choice (taking into account my playing style as well as the elbow) and stringing it with a combination of strings that made an incredible difference. Perfecting my technique took a little longer but thanks to his excellent and perceptive coaching, I am now pain-free.  I don't know much about the intricacies of strings and never realised the importance of proper stringing but Paul is an absolute expert and his expertise makes all the difference!

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Justin Espie
Based at: Wallasey Manor Tennis Club, Wirral, UK
Phone: +44 7790 77 55 29
Email: contactuk@strung2tight.com
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UAE Branch

Paul Espie
Based at: Al Habtoor Tennis Academy,Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 567 959 461
Email: contact@strung2tight.com
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