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Stock String 2021

With a vast array of stringing options, which do you choose?  The truth is it comes down to personal choice and a players needs will evolve over time.  Strung2tight stringers keep spreadsheet records of every customers past order which include detailed notes of playing style and player feedback so we can help guide you through that evolution.  Whatever part of the game you need enhancing, we have a string, in stock ready to deliver.

UK Stock

Brand Name Material Key Benefits
Dyreex CubeMax Poly Extreme Spin and Control
Dyreex Hexablast Poly Very High Spin - Very Crisp - High Control
Dyreex Fibre Max Poly Comfort - Cushioned Feel
Dyreex Super Tour Poly Firm - High Control - Good Spin - Good Power - Good Feel - Performance String
Dyreex Solaris Poly Comfort - Cushioned - Higher Spin Response From a Hex Profile
Dyreex Midnight Poly All Round Performance - Enhanced Power
Dyreex Black Edge Whirl Poly High Spin and Control
Volkl Cyclone Poly Crisp - Enhanced Spin - Enhance Control
Dunlop Ice Poly Power - Durability
Mantis Power Poly Poly Misnamed in our view.  A surprisingly comfortable poly which is rare in a string with high spin and conrol performance
Mantis Tri Spin Poly Very High Spin
Pros Pro Icheban Spin Poly Comfort - Cushioned Transition Poly - Great Tension Stability
Pros Pro Eruption Poly Accurate - Crisp Transition Poly - Great Tension Stability
Wilson Sensation Multifilament All Round String - Comfort
Dyreex DX Feel Muitifilament Comfort - Feel - Improved Durability
Mantis Tour Comfort Multifilament Comfort - Feel
Toaslon/W+D Extra Soft SGut SGut Injury Prevention
Dyreex Synthetic SGut Very Thick Guage - Durability - Ideal for hybrid stringing with a shaped poly
Dyreex Spiral Gut SGut Feel - Enhanced spind for a nylon string
Babolat SGut Pink SGut All Round Performance
Mantis Power Synthetic SGut Adds Power and Comfort to a hybrid setup
Dyreex Cloud Specific Hybrid Extreme Comfort - Injury Prevention - Enhanced Premium Feel

UAE Stock

Brand Name Material Key Benefits
Volkl Cyclone 16G Poly Crisp - Enhanced Spin - Enhanced Control
Volkl Cyclone 17G Poly As above but an increase in comfort and power with the compromise being a slight reduction in control and durability
Dyreex Super Tour Poly Firm - High Control - Good Spin - Good Power - Good Feel - Performance String
Robin Soderling New York Multifilament Ultimate Feel - Comfort - High Durability For a Multi
Dyreex Cloud Specific Hybrid Extreme Comfort - Injury Prevention - Enhanced Feel
Mixed Heaven Specific Hybrid Unrivaled Comfort - Injury Prevention - Ultimate Feel - Overwhelminingly Positive Customer Ratings

UK Branch

Justin Espie
Based at: Wallasey Manor Tennis Club, Wirral, UK
Phone: +44 7790 77 55 29
Email: contactuk@strung2tight.com
I/M: Whatsapp

UAE Branch

Paul Espie
Based at: Al Habtoor Tennis Academy,Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 567 959 461
Email: contact@strung2tight.com
I/M: Whatsapp

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