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Tennis Stringing - Performance Enhancement - Racquet Customisation - Injury Prevention

UAE - A Wealth of Experience 

Paul Espie heads the UAE stringing branch.

He is a walking encyclopedia for all things associated with stringing!

Having taught himself to string in the early 90s (wrongly of course) he decided in the early 2000s to take his passion for stringing to a new level and took the UKRSA Club Stringers course.

 Immediately he was fast tracked onto Pro level, developing into a Master Racket Technician.

Since 2010 Paul has managed the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship Stringing Teams and has become personal consultant to multiple current ATP and WTA touring pros. His dedication to injury prevention and performance enhancement sets him apart from most others and he prides himself on a quality of service unrivaled anywhere in the middle east region.

He has been using the state of the art Prince 7000 Electronic Machine used at many ATP and WTA Tour events worldwide. He has an array of string options to choose from or you can just trust his judgment. If the pros do then I guess you should too.


Racket Stringing and Mofications.

AED 60. Full Restring (Labour only)
AED 100 to 150. Full Restring (Labour and String)
AED 130 to 180. Full Restring (24hr service)
AED 150. Stringing with Natural Gut (string not provided)
AED 250. Pick up and delivery within 24hrs (inclusive of Labour and String and door to door service within Dubai!)

AED 10. Vibration Dampener
AED 10. Overgrip
AED 40. Replacement grip
AED 30. Head Guard Tape
AED 30. Perimeter weighting

AED 200 to 300. Full Racket Diagnostic Check (unstrung and strung weight. Static and dynamic tension. Chromatic Frame Flex. Restring. Overgrip. Vibration Dampener.

Strung2tight Speciality Hybrid String

Cloud 9 - 100dhs

Offering an incredibly soft cushioned silky feeling on ball contac,t this hybrid brings premium string at affordable prices. The co poly provides the stability and confidence in your strokes whilst the Multifilament offers incredible touch and feel especially around the net. The best of both worlds this option really does leave you on Cloud 9.

Heaven - 150dhs

Our premium hybrid will blow your mind with sensational feedback provided every single time you contact the ball. Our Co Poly offers outstanding spin potential whilst being soft enough to provide more comfort for your joints. The Multifilament will give you the closest feeling of gut at a fraction of the price and without needing to worry about weather conditions. Possibly the most lively Multifilament on the market was co engineered by former ATP professionals. The set up of choice for multiple coaches in the UAE and leading players internationally our Heaven Hybrid will leave you desperate to stay on the courts hitting.

Collection/Drop Off Location and Schedule

Al Habtoor Tennis Academy - Daily 


UK - High Quality Value

Our UK stringer is Justin Espie, UKRSA Certified for stringing and racquet customisation.

Justin initiallly learnt from the best (his brother - he had to say that) then decided to formalise his training with a UKRSA qualification.

Justin focuses on Club player restringing and consults on injury prevention. Its amazing how effective tweaking string composition and tension can be.

He stocks a wide range of specially selected string ideal for the club/league player. He has personally play tested extensively every string in his range so he is best placed to recommend based on a players specific needs.  He uses a Penta Premium 8600 floor standing crank machine for high quality results at great value for money.


Own String £15

Supplied String (excluding Gut and Cloud) £20

Cloud Hybrid £25

24 Hour Express Turn around £5

Racquet Repair, Grommet Replacement, Butt Cap Replacement/Repair, Racquet Customisation - Contact for quote

Vibra Dampener £0.50

S2T Finishing Ring Replacement £1

S2T Protack Overgrip £1.50

S2T Wrist Sweatband £1.50

Mantis Replacement Grip £4

S2T Bandana £1.50

Penn Extra Durabie 4 Ball Can £4.50

S2T Performance Tennis Shirt £30

AuthorisedMantis Supplier with 25% Discount off list price shown on Mantis Website

Special discounts apply to home club customers

Racquet Repair - Butt Cap Replacement £20 - Gromment Strip Replacement £20

Racquet Customisation - Balance and Weight matching subject to weighting raw materials.

Collection/Drop Off Locations and Schedule

North Cheshire Tennis Club - Saturday and Sunday Afternoons

Wallasey Manor Tennis Club - Saturday and Sunday Mornings

Tarvin Tennis Club - Tuesday and Friday Evenings

Gresford and Marford Tennis Club - Thursday Evenings.

Tarporley Tennis Club (Aiden Wiggins) - Thursday Evenings

Glan Aber Tennis Club (Aiden Wiggins/Lotte) - Daily

Our Current Stock Reels

There is a bewildering array of string choices in terms of construction, stiffness, durability,comfort, control, spin and power.  String selection is extremely personal and thats why it's essential you develop a working releationship with a knowledgable stringer you trust.  Your starting order is a reference only.  Your tennis string needs will evolve and your stringer will help guide you through.  So for that reason, there really isnt any single string we would recommend for, or against.  Every string has key benefits that compromise some other property.  For that reason our stringers access Stringingpedia database to compose the right string or hybrid string to best suit your game.  We stock a full range of strings and you can click here for a simplified guide. 

Remember, we can order in a set of any string you want if our stock string is not to your preference.

UK Branch

Justin Espie
Based at: Wallasey Manor Tennis Club, Wirral, UK
Phone: +44 7790 77 55 29
Email: contactuk@strung2tight.com
I/M: Whatsapp

UAE Branch

Paul Espie
Based at: Al Habtoor Tennis Academy,Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 567 959 461
Email: contact@strung2tight.com
I/M: Whatsapp

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